Today Fireworks were used in all religion people's festivals like Diwali, X Mas, New Year, Ramzan and also used in many social occasions like Sports Event, Film Festivals, Marriage celebrations, Birthday Parties, Carnival etc.,

The earliest documentation of fireworks dates back to 7th century China, where they were invented. The Chinese developed many different kinds of fireworks with a variety of effects and color. Now also the Chinese were leading in explosive pyrotechnic.

The first fireworks industry in India started at Calcutta in the19th century. In India especially Sivakasi in Tamilnadu makes 90% of India's total fireworks production. So sivakasi is the capital of India’s firecracker industry with 8,000 factories, big and small.

Fireworks were generally classified in four types noise, light, smoke and floating materials, they were classified as to where they perform.

All over the world Indians celebrate their one of the biggest occasions "festival of lights" (Diwali) in the month of October/November in every year, in that festival fireworks as major part.
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